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Dear sir or madam:尊敬的先生或女士: 作为XX大学XX斯商学院的财务助理教授,我非常荣幸地向您推荐XX为您在XX大学的研究生课程。 As an Assistant Professor of Finance of XX of Business at XX in Ohio, it is my sin
Dear sir or madam:尊敬的先生或女士:
As an Assistant Professor of Finance of  XX of Business at XX in Ohio, it is my sincere and distinct pleasure to recommend XX for your graduate program in XX university. 
I have known XX since 2012, when he was one of 20 students who chose my course of Financial Institutions and Markets. In my class, he asked perceptive and challenging questions. He often consulted me on issues arising out of his studies. I therefore have come to know him well. Gradually, I found his enthusiasm for and diligence in learning, which helped him to become one of the most outstanding students in the entire class, making a strong, positive impression upon me. XX is a very driven student who knows what he wants to accomplish and does not falter in his chosen path. His intellectual curiosity and desire to acquire new acknowledge continuously have led him to perform much study on his own outside the scope of his classes and research work. He is familiar with the use of computers and statistical software, processes and arrangements for research design, as well as application of statistics in economics, finance, marketing and many other areas. XX impressed me in another area with his talent in mathematics, he has a solid basic knowledge of mathematics, with high sensitivity and a high degree of love for figures, he is good at making use of statistics to analyze and solve problems in areas such as marketing, finance and economy. In my eyes, he is very intelligent, open-minded, honest, creative, articulate and adaptive both in his study and in his daily life. He has a good relationship with other students, and he is happy to share his learning experience and personal preferences, life experiences with other students. He is actively involved in school and community activities, as well as some social practice, showing a high capacity to adapt to life in American universities. In many times of conversation with XX, expressed a wish to pursue a master's degree in statistical areas, on the one hand he indeed has a great deal of interest, he also did a lot of for preparation for a master's degree. During the past year, he was involved in a research project associated with statistics. On the other hand, he has his own unique understanding and views on the current situation and prospects of development of statistics, he believes that statistics will be increasingly important in social development in the future. He also intends to engage in work relating to statistics in the future.
I feel strongly that XX’s unusual talents and abilities will stand him in good stead for a quality graduate education, which should serve as a major boost to his career.  XX is ready to move on to a more rigorous program of graduate study. His academic performance, research work, and upstanding personal character have won my highest recommendation for him, I’m convinced that XX is qualified for the learning in your university and I hope you give his application strong consideration. Thank you.
Respectfully yours,

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